Thanks Xina. I understand people’s passion. Unfortunately passion has changed, increasingly, into irrational and illogical behavior. Ultraliberals are increasingly intolerant and have made me feel (or even insisted) I’m right-wing even though I’m not. I think us moderates need a new party, camp, or clubhouse where we can hang and try and bring the rabid outliers on both sides back closer together. Every day ultraliberals scream that the world is awful and burning. But then when the world is actually burning they act as if it’s not. Lol.

It took me a few drafts before I landed on this satirical format. Kubrick and Gilliam used satire for Dr Strangelove and Brazil. In general satire is a good way to engage the absurd. So far not a single friend on Facebook has commented. I suspect most people disagree. I know some won’t even read it. I was told directly — they don’t care what it says. Boggles my mind. I also suspect many are simply afraid to speak out in any way since any discussion that questions anything the hysterics preach has become a third rail in our society. I myself worried that this post could cause me harm just for having created it. Thanks again for the comment.

Writer • Editor • Visual Artist • Gamer • Troublemaker

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