Provincetown Masked: A Photo Essay

Last week my family and I went to Cape Cod to get in a brief trip before the summer ends. Cape Cod is a good location to socially distance and still enjoy relaxing walks on the beach, swimming, and some seafood dinners. All in all the Cape was very well behaved and people were wearing masks wherever required. We even managed to see Jaws at the Wellfleet Drive-In and even the cars were required to be socially distanced!

One location we never miss when we visit the Cape is Provincetown. We managed to get there on Wednesday, August 19th. Everyone was masked and right away we saw signs that mask-wearing was mandatory at all times, even outdoors, except when seated and eating. Luckily I had my camera and managed to snap some street photos of what is already a very unique and historic period. Enjoy.

All photos © 2020 Adam Furgang



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