A Note On My Posts Here

Several recent posts of mine on Medium are repostings from my older gaming blog, Wizards never Wear Armor. That old blog is still up and running but I’m no longer posting there. I find Medium to be a superior website for my often disjointed blog writing that has grown way beyond RPG gaming posts.

Wizards never Wear Armor was originally created when my kids were younger and I gamed more. As much as I wish I could, I don’t do much tabletop gaming these days, so stopping that blog seemed logical. It was geared for tabletop gamers but soon morphed into much more. To avoid confusing gamers I simply stopped posting there and am leaving it up as an archive. While much of what is there does not need to be moved , I do want to relocate some older posts here. When I repost anything here that is not brand spanking new I will note it (in the blog if necessary for clarity) and below, along with a link to its original source and publication date. Enjoy. — AF



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